Host of The Tonight Show and should be Leader Of The Free World (one day). To sum it up shortly....
  1. Jimmy is welcoming to his audience and guests.
    Sure, he's paid for it, but I don't believe you can fake that kind of genuineness on a daily basis. I bet most of us could take a few tips on how to be kinder, gentler, more welcoming hosts to our homes, work places, and general lives.
  2. Jimmy makes people feel special.
    He always makes a BIG deal about his guests. Again, he's paid for it--I know. But he seems to go out of his way on numerous occasions by standing up himself and gesturing proudly to the guests leading the audience (and all of us at home) in a grand applause. Sometimes, we just need to make a BIG deal out of our friends and shower strangers in applause for simply living another day.
  3. Jimmy makes us laugh.
    It's his occupation, yes. He's so good at it though. Whether it be a monologue, Friday's classic "Thank You Notes," joking with a guest, the audience, Higgins, or a member of The Roots, or a silly game, he ends our days with laughter. Let us be people who always leave those around us a little more joyful.
  4. Jimmy makes himself laugh.
    His laughter is contagious. If you don't believe me, watch this video of him dying with Bradley Cooper: http://youtu.be/YMvYTUSez_0 We need reminders that it's good to occasionally get caught up in our own giggles and even be free to laugh at ourselves--with or without a friend by our side.
  5. Jimmy dances and sings well.
    We can all dream we'd be at least decent at both, can't we?
  6. Jimmy reads.
    He has talked several times about books he's read. It's important to know your literature because those references are all over our society.
  7. Jimmy wrote a children's book.
    His shares every bit of his talent. We need to be people who leak what we love and share it with the world in every way we know how.
  8. Jimmy talks about his own life quite a bit.
    From showing the occasional picture of one of his precious daughters, sharing how he almost lost his finger, or jumping into a conversation with a random childhood story, he's willingly open to share his life like many other talk show hosts and celebrities are not. We all need a little more vulnerability in our lives. We don't need to be afraid of sharing our story.
  9. Jimmy is best friends with Justin Timberlake.
    This one is self-explanatory. I mean, look at that picture. 😍
  10. and...
    Where can I purchase these mugs in bulk?
  11. can't forget about Camp Winnipesaukee!
    The whole world secretly wishes they could be the third wheel to this dynamic duo.
  12. Jimmy speaks with grace.
    His conversations on the show are full of tact, curiosity, and encouragement. Let our conversations be filled similarly.
  13. Jimmy loves what he does.
    He radiates energy because he LOVES his job. We all deserve to be doing something we enjoy. Don't forget that!
  14. Jimmy makes us like his guests and want to know them.
    Even if you had never heard of the person or previously hated their work, he has a way of making his audience love the guests he speaks with. We should all strive to be people who bring out the very best in others.
  15. Jimmy has the @list
    Looks like we're already a little more like him!
  16. Simply put, @JimmyFallon is the best.
    (And we all wish we were cool enough to host The Tonight Show and put "astrophysicist" in our social media bio.)
  17. P.S.
    My name is Sarah and I do not think H's are "EWWW!"