Yes, they are already announcing Hillary as the winner. Yes, it takes time out of your Tuesday. Yes, it's complicated but...JUST DO IT! #democracymatters
  1. Find your polling place with a quick Google search.
    Mine is right by my house - 2 blocks away in the park, yours can't be much further!
  2. Research the ballot tonight before you go.
    The parties list who they are backing on their websites. The LA Times and other groups throw in their two cents. I just spent 23 minutes going through the ballot and figured it all out. Also, YAY - so many women on my ballot!
  3. If you vote by mail, which so many of us do, and you haven't yet, you still can! Just fill it out and drop it at the polling place tomorrow!
  4. And if you're a registered independent, like me, and want to vote in the democrat primary, just take your ballot to the polling place and request a crossover ballot instead. Easy peasy.
    I requested a crossover ballot twice from the county and never got one. My sister did. So I have to go vote tomorrow. But I will. I will prevail! (And then register as a Democrat on Wednesday.)
  5. If you vote and don't get a sticker I will send you one! Just put your address in the comments and I will mail it to you. Seriously! I'm serious about you going out and voting! And I love mail!