1. So at night the television often stays on after dinner when we go do dishes and stuff around the house.
  2. And it's always on mute at this point. And it always seems to be on some random channel.
  3. Like one day it was on that TBS comedy Angie TriBeCa and basically the dialogue we made up for it was so much funnier than the show could ever be.
    To be fair, I've never seen Angie TriBeCa.
  4. Some times it will be Wheel of Fortune which is great because you don't need volume.
  5. Well tonight it's on E! And it's a movie. And it's JLo and some kid and Noah Wiley maybe and again, no sound. And it's crazy.
  6. And I yell to my sister in the other room, what is this movie. And she pops her head in...
  7. And she says enough. And I'm like what? I just asked once.
  8. And she said no. Look at the screen.
  9. The movie is called Enough.
  10. And I laughed hysterically.