Started serious work on a new screenplay today. Idea has been hatching for months but today it's on the fucking page.
  1. With a Christmas cookie candle burning on the printer stand.
  2. With Eminem and Beyoncé screaming at me.
  3. With a blue pen that ran out of ink. Then I used a Sharpie.
  4. Using Evernote.
  5. Using Highland.
  6. On Post Its. Pink. And once on one that looks like a Hawaiian shirt.
  7. On a legal pad.
  8. On old day calendar pages. (The backs are blank.)
  9. On big blue index cards.
  10. On photo cards for the printer that were free with said printer. Glossy. Must use only ballpoint pen.
  11. Furiously.
  12. In spurts.
  13. Channeling Rhimes, Schumer, Spielberg, Shakespeare, Sorkin, and Lamott.
  14. Sitting down which feels like a failure since I have a new standing desk.
  15. Facing the wall.
  16. Well.