1. Vulture's The Business of Too Much TV — great insight
  2. Buzzfeed's fascinating How Blac Chyna Beat The Kardashians at Their Own Game — I couldn't stop reading! This is real life!?
  3. The New Yorker's How the Giraffe Got Its Neck — science and biology are cool!
  4. @emilynussbaum's Twitter rant on Fresh Off The Boat's use of Boo and The Bechdel Test
    It amused me, and they are two things I noticed last night so I'm glad I wasn't alone. Also, I love FOTB!!!
  5. The Observer's feature on Mike Yard who is the best part of the Nightly Show — seriously. I used to skip Colbert in favor of the Daily Show most nights. Now I'll get right to Larry if I'm short on time. And I'm always excited when Mike's on the panel.
  6. I'm from Michigan and my grandmother was born in Bath. Family lore always included tales of this horrific event but I never knew the details until today.