I have a blood clotting syndrome which was just diagnosed last year via a series of blood clots, in my legs and lungs. Now I have to great regular blood checkups to check on the blood thinning medication I take.
  1. I stopped my workout early and put on a fresh shirt and headed over to get here at 8am when they opened.
  2. I found street parking and thought oh an hour will be fine.
  3. I got here at 8:03. I am 8th in line. This is better than my old lab downtown LA where I'd sometimes be 15th in line at 8 but still.
  4. The family in front of me is in the wrong place. And they won't leave. And the mother with a the small child before me and me can't go because they keep arguing.
  5. And the mother's small child keeps sighing and I feel his frustration. Mostly because I just found out he's the one getting the blood draw and he's so small and he shouldn't have to deal with this. I shouldn't have to either but no 3 year old should.
  6. And my stomach is growling so loud. Some days I can get till 9, 10, 11 am before I notice I'm hungry. Today I was hungry but the moment I woke up because I new I was fasting.
  7. This is my fifth lab since I started getting tested. Several have free parking but aren't as nice. This one has a waiting room (ooh la la Beverly Hills). Also, this one doesn't charge $1 cash for the services.
  8. Yeah, $1 cash was shady as hell to me too. I have insurance. And I know the cash just bought them lunch and it pissed me off even more when they had to stick me 3 times to get blood and finally got it FROM MY HAND.
  9. The hand is the worst. It hurts and bruises quickly and intensely.
  10. Although I was angrier when I was at a lab at a clinic and didn't even need blood tests (never did get the results - who says health care isn't big business?) and had to get them and the lab tech kept saying I was dehydrated and I should drink more water and I was all like, bitch, do not blame me because you are bad at your job!
  11. It's now 8:32 and I'm debating at what time I need to go back to feed the meter but want to time it so I don't miss my call.
  12. The little boy in front of me gave up. Well mom did. I don't blame her. They said they'd come back later. School and work and I have to wait. I wish I could run away too.
  13. And what is the obsession with the automatic hand sanitizer machine, people?!?!
  14. At 8:45 I went and refilled the meter with every last silver coin I had. I tried pennies but they just went in with no time left. So we have until 9:56 people then it's over.
  15. And of course when I get back my number has been called.
  16. And of course I'm not in the system.
  17. And of course they take my blood without having the barcodes printed and I have to tell the guy my name 4 times.
  18. But even though he has to test both arms and the rubber bands hurt, he gets me on the first stick in my left arm and I'm done quickly (thanks blood thinners).
  19. And I have to give the front desk my card again but by the time I come back from the bathroom she smiles and says I'm all set.
  20. And I'm free. And I have 45 minutes left on my meter so I eat my Kind bar, drink my water and finish this list in the comfort of my car. My day can begin. Again.