It's 8am and I'm on my 3rd cup with pumpkin creamer and I've read the entire LA Times & all of Twitter. And my day is just getting started and I'm excited for it because...
  1. The HAMILTON PBS documentary airs tonight.
    I have listened to the cast album so much it'd be worn out if it were a cassette. And I have no idea when I'll be able to afford to see the show so this is MY SHOT!
  2. My crew is getting together at a Mexican restaurant tonight.
    I live in LA but don't go out much at all. And these are some of my favorite people. Tres excited. And not just for the best nachos and tequila.
  3. I get to spend the morning creating a new world.
    Writing! Yay! At the beginning of projects this is always my attitude!
  4. I get to spend the afternoon setting up the Scholastic book fair at my sister's school! Who didn't love a book fair when you were 11?!