1. I live in a neighborhood in Los Angeles that is just south of one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city - Hancock Park. A lot of celebrities live in the neighborhood.
    I know they live nearby because of tweets and articles and sometimes they call my sister's public school to complain about the way the school is run or that 2000 middle school kids are too noisy.
  2. And every chance we get, my sister, @angelaknapp, and I - we head north. We love walking through the wider streets of Hancock Park, we love their farmer's market, etc. We are seriously just a few blocks from this neighborhood.
  3. Well this morning I walked with Angela to the school where she teaches and then I left her to walk home. I plugged in my earbuds and headed down the little hill from the school.
  4. And as I rounded a small corner on the sidewalk and prepared to cross the street, listening to one of my favorite podcasts, I stopped.
  5. There a few feet in front of me was one of the people talking in my ears! On the podcast! Walking his dog!
  6. Ahhhhh!
  7. I'm always so excited to see writers out in public. I mean I saw Weird Al last month and I was like oh, Weird Al.
    Yes, writers ARE celebrities!!!!!!
  8. But this guy? He stopped me. And then I quickly hurried on my way.
  9. Because I was hardcore walking and sweaty. And because it was 7:30am. And because that's just how normal people act, right?!
  10. And when I texted my sister all of 10 seconds later to tell her about it and she asked if I talked to him I said no.
  11. It'll be much more fun to tell him the story in person one day. When we meet at a better time.
  12. And so I came home to write like crazy to make that better time a reality some day.
  13. The end. 😊