I push play on my podcasts not just when I'm working out but when I get up from my desk for a bottle of water or head out to run an errand or when I'm spending too much time in front of the super magnified mirror. They are with me constantly. I wish some had more episodes and some, I'm happy with their cycle in and out of my life.
  1. Anna Faris is Unqualified
    I just got into this one and I'm glad I'm not too far behind. Getting caught up takes time, the eps are lengthy, but it's easy to go in and out. Totally feels like hanging with friends. Perfect for this work at home, alone, gal!
  2. Black List Table Reads
    Again, late to the party but several of the Earmovies have been so so good. I'm looking at you THREE MONTHS. And you TERRIBLE PARENTS. And you CELERITAS. And the Lindsay Doran interview is great.
  3. KCRW's The Treatment
    Elvis Mitchell's commentary, his interview style, his voice. Love the quick half hours with some of my favorite writers. I always wish there were more and that they were longer. If you're a fan of ABC's THE MIDDLE, give that ep a listen first.
  4. Kevin Pollack's Chat Show
    Just plain fun. And I always learn so much about some really talented people!
  5. Modern Love
    Recommended by @ericjbird - and yes, they make me tear up sometimes. I don't always listen to the follow up bits so these are short and good pairing with a yogurt or waiting for your hair to dry.
  6. The Q & A with Jeff Goldsmith
    If you're a screenwriter, this is required listening. If you're not, give them a shot. All your fave movies and some fascinating insights.
  7. Scriptnotes
    If you're a screenwriter, you already know. If not, pop in -- you'll be entertained.
  8. Serial
    Duh. Even the less gripping second season has me waiting anxiously for the next installment and causes much discussion.
  9. Women of the Hour
    I was enamored with every episode. Trust me. @lenadunham, when you have time, I'd love another new episode. 😘
  10. 3rd & Fairfax
    Don't listen to every bit but some great interviews.
  11. WTF with Marc Maron
    The first podcast I ever listened to. Something in Marc's stories speaks right to me, and his interviews are top notch. And I might have loved the one about Obama's visit a teeny tiny bit more than the actual great interview.