I live in a neighborhood of LA that's just south of a really fancy neighborhood: Hancock Park. People who live there are movers and shakers (think the mayor and Shonda and diplomats). And most mornings I walk north, through Hancock Park to get my exercise on, because it's way nicer than my hood and the gardeners and staff are super friendly.
  1. I walked early, like 6:45 early and Halloween is still everywhere. But almost, not quite sad Halloween. And here's some of what I saw:
  2. Some candy wrappers but a lot of lost candy. In several piles in several places. Poor kid with the hole in her bag...
  3. Effort when into the decorations in this hood. Movement activated giant blow up spiders and cats that had eyes that followed me as I moved along more quickly.
  4. A grave yard with not one but two tombstones marking Donald Trump's Nov. 9th demise. And in front? Donald masks. Kinda a lot for a kid's night.
  5. A lot of dog poop. Way more than ever.
  6. No snails. I always see snails. I rescue them and move them to green areas from the concrete. I fear for them.
  7. So much discarded food. Like ribs and nachos and chicken. Who is walking around eating meals and leaving them on the grass by the skeletons?!
  8. Many crushed energy drink cans. I get that. But bottles in paper sacks? Hoping that wasn't the parents.
  9. A baby stroller on the curb of a very busy intersection. Hoping it was part of a costume.
  10. A superman cape on my corner. I'm hoping he comes back for it...