My plane landed down in Detroit 8 hours ago. I'm starting 7 weeks here with my parents in Michigan. Here's what's happened since I've been here.
  1. I've eaten more than I should and normally do. This includes steak, rolls, chips and salsa made locally and strawberry pie win homemade crust and dad picked berries.
  2. Bought my dad a new gas grill for Father's Day.
  3. Called a family member to help get the grill home from Lowe's. He had to put it in his boat. Only in Michigan.
  4. Gone grocery shopping.
  5. Run into friends while grocery shopping.
  6. Moved back into my room here like I never left.
  7. Gotten a split lip trying to give my dad a hug at the airport.
  8. Fallen asleep during a Tigers game. Good night, Michigan moon!