1. A family phone call at 6:45am.
    I live in LA, my family is all east coast. Today is a family member's 88th birthday and the whole family was getting together to celebrate. Except me. So I called her extra early before her party started (nursing home parties are always noon parties) and wished her the best day and all the love. It made me smile. And when I saw the pics on FB later I was happy to have been a part of her day in a small way.
  2. Making a cake.
    I love being in the kitchen. As a writer I often have projects that go on months, even years. But kitchen projects are relatively quick!!! And so satisfying at the end. This morning I made a Texas Sheet Cake for a potluck my sister is going to tomorrow. I won't eat any of the cake and I'm okay with that. (I got to lick the frosting spoon!) What gave me joy was the stirring, measuring, the finishing.
  3. Perfect March breezes.
    I sat at my desk this afternoon, the window open across the room, and watched as papers fluttered in front of me from the breeze. So much of my office time is spent regulating temperatures and today that wasn't necessary. It was sunny and bright and warm and cool and perfect for working.