Despite several lovely friends inviting me to spend the day with them, I chose to stay home and celebrate Thanksgiving with my sister! Here are a few of the things I did today...
  1. Slept in.
  2. Read the paper while eating English muffins topped with pumpkin butter while drinking coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.
  3. Ate chicken, mashed potatoes, squash and green beans while face timing with my parents as they ate their lunch.
  4. Organized the pantry.
  5. Rearranged 3 kitchen cupboards.
  6. Killed the yeast in a batch of rolls.
  7. Made a second, successful batch of rolls.
  8. Drank half a bottle of champagne.
  9. Spent an hour and 15 minutes talking with a childhood friend on the phone.
  10. Made 6 calls to Delta trying to change my Christmas plane ticket.
  11. Made my dad cry by telling him I was coming home 5 days early for Christmas.
  12. Watched 3 episodes of one of my favorite shows, PLEASE LIKE ME.
  13. Texted so many friends.
  14. Squirted whipped cream in my mouth from the can.
  15. Drank English mint tea while knitting and watching EMPIRE.
  16. Oh, and I slept with my door closed because I was cold and I got up to pee at 4am and I ran walked right into the door. Full body slam. Goose egg on my forehead. Twitchy nose. Crinkly toe. Lovely.