I had some very big supporters growing up. I also had some people who pretty much told me I wouldn't amount to much because I wasn't thin enough or smart enough or blah blah blah blah. Luckily I've grown up and only kept those big supporters in my life and in my head.
  1. A fashion designer. I was obsessed with drawing women in cool clothes. I was obsessed with pouring over catalogs of clothes like the JC Penny catalog and Romans. (We were not a rich family.) There is a binder of my not so artistically inclined drawings of mine in my parents' attic that I just can't bear to take home or throw away.
  2. A business lady. My dad had an old briefcase from his business school days that he gave me. I filled it with a calculator and notebooks and pens and I set up my office on the couch on snow days and all summer long. I added items from the catalogs and wrote up receipts and was very important in my circles.
  3. In the 7th grade I wanted to become a lawyer. And then my 7th grade Intro to Physical Science teacher said I wasn't good enough at math to be a lawyer. I believed him and now I wish him ill. I think I would have been a kickass lawyer.
  4. An emergency room doctor. In my senior year of high school a little show called ER debuted on NBC. I was obsessed. I checked out books about the MCAT and medical school from the library. I knew I wasn't a good enough student to be a doctor but I contemplated it for years.
  5. A wife. For a few brief moments. Then I realized that was not an aspiration I needed to cling to. Thank God.
  6. A writer. Guys, this one stuck. I realized that everything I wanted to be could be wrapped up into this. Journalism and fiction both. I am madly in love with this choice.
  7. A teacher. I have done this professionally and informally and I have a strong passion for it. I hope to continue teaching for my entire life.
  8. A good person. Working on it daily.