I spent the afternoon with the grandneighbors (the neighbors' kids who we watched grow up and are family) and the evening with the grandneighbors and their parents doing our Christmas. It was a really good day.
  1. Forgetting that the cookie dough was waiting on the counter and spending 20 minutes lying on the couch getting brain surgery from 10 yr old while 7 yr old cuddled me.
  2. Forgetting that the cleaning lady was literally still cleaning my parents' house when I handed bags of sugar and flour to the 10 and 7 yr olds. I know how to use a broom.
  3. Forgetting that the casserole pan was congealing while the 4 yr old and I assembled a helicopter from his Christmas present box.
  4. Forgetting that it wasn't actually Christmas morning and pretending it was. Santa came early and all the kids just believed which makes me believe.
  5. Remembering family is who you choose to love.