I could go on for days about the music I love but here is my top ten. I'll list artists and the specific songs and albums they're from that I've been listening to a lot.
  1. 10. Alabama Shakes- "Gimme All Your Love" from "Sound & Color"
  2. 9. One Direction- "Drag Me Down"
  3. 8. William Singe- "Hotline Bling" and "How Deep Is Your Love" covers
  4. 7. The Weeknd- "Prisoner," "Angel," and "In the Night" from Beauty Behind The Madness
  5. 6. Drake- "Hotline Bling," "Back to Back," "Right Hand," and "Legend" from If You're Reading This It's Too Late
  6. 5. Glee- literally every song from every season
  7. 4. Marina and the Diamonds- "Froot," "Weeds," "Immortal," and "I'm a Ruin," from Froot. Also, "Lie" and "Starring Role" from Electra Heart
  8. 3. Melanie Martinez- "Cry Baby," "Mrs. Potato Head," "Sippy Cup," and "Training Wheels" from Cry Baby
  9. 2. Halsey- "Coming Down," "Gasoline," "Colors," and "Control" from BADLANDS
  10. and last but certainly not least, the love of my life, my idol 1. Lana Del Rey- I listen to all of her music equally. I love her music so much.