Can't remember much but here's 3 very distinct memories i have...
  1. Age 4/5: had a house party, invited all my friends, played pass the parcel and all that good stuff, then when it came to the birthday cake, my best friend blew out my candles 😠
  2. Age 6 (maybe? Idk): mum and dad hired out an events room in the old police station they worked at, and hired a clown. This clown gives us all these pieces of paper which look like big £5 notes and says "put these under your pillow and they'll turn into real notes". Did it work? No it didn't. 😠
  3. Age 14/15: parents took me and my brothers and sisters out to a fancy Italian restaurant, while we were there it started snowing pretty heavily (I'm a December baby) which meant driving back home was hell and scary af.