Some of these have helped me win several rounds of two truths and a lie 😁 (also, first list, woo hoo)
  1. I used to have a pet snake
    Her name was Daisy. Actually, I don't know if it was a girl or not.
  2. I've ridden in a hot air balloon
    Courtesy of grandma and grandpa
  3. Had the chance to steer a sail boat!
    Once at summer camp and once with my friend's family
  4. I've traveled to 5 other countries
    So far 😏😉
  5. I've never seen Titanic or The Notebook
    But I know how they both end
  6. My mom used to make my do Singapore math workbooks in the summer
    This isn't a very fun fact, but I'm trying for 7 here
  7. I used to run hurdles in track!