Idea from @marymurphy
  1. Believe it or not they're not always pronounced the same!
    I *think* (based upon many extensive Internet searches, of course) that Sara is more often pronounced like Sah-rah by non US speakers, and Sarah is more like Sair-uh (in the US anyway).
  2. Part of the reason that my parents picked the name 'Sarah' is because of its meaning in Hebrew: princess
    If you look in the Bible, Sarai was renamed Sarah. Not Sara. So...does Sara translate to a misspelling of princess??
  3. I'm a more traditional person, so Sarah suits me better
    It's a timeless name, imho 😉 Sara seems more trendy to me
  4. People still misspell my name ❔
    Idk why because I always default to spelling a name the most common way I know...which is def not Sara. Or people just ask "With an 'H'?"
  5. I notice when people misspell it, but it's not something I take offense to. Probs won't even correct the person.
    I've been call a host of other things not even related: Maria, Hannah, Susan, Sofia, Elizabeth and for some reason I still respond
  6.  ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄
    It took me way too long to figure out how to make this dude