1. I go to school at Virginia Tech
  2. Which has a lovely campus, and my fav part is the duck pond
    There is a pond with ducks, go figure!
  3. I really enjoying going there just to sit and enjoy the sunshine
    And people watch. Always people watch.
  4. So I was out there with some friends one afternoon and we were feeding the sucks
  5. There is a mama duck with a whole bunch of ducklings following her. SO CUTE
  6. We watched the for awhile, noticed that one duckling was not keeping up so well and Mama was snapping at him when he was slow
  7. All but one of my friends leave, just me and Rachael remained there
  8. Mama Duck and ducklings get closer to shore. We notice that the one that was struggling has plastic netting around him
  9. Rachael and I truly to lure them in with food...only worked half way. Then we ran out.
  10. Rachael goes back to her dorm to get more and ducks go into deeper water.
  11. Hanging out waiting for ducks and/or Rachael
  12. Suddenly
  13. Mama Duck isolates the tangled ducking and herds him into shallower water by me
  14. She starts picking him up but the plastic netting and flinging him around
  15. 😦😨😰
    Is she trying to save him?? Kill him??
  16. She throws him close to me
  17. I'm close enough so that I can reach into the water and pick him up
  18. I'm surprised by how lightweight he is!
    So tiny and precious!
  19. He's kind of squirmy, but not too hard to hold on to
  20. Thankfully, I was prepared and had a pocketknife in my pocket
    Seriously though, those things are so handy
  21. Trying to open the scissor part while holding the duckling with angry Mama Duck
  22. Mama Duck begins hissing at me
  24. WhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdo
  25. Naturally, I start aggressively hissing right back
    I guess I was thinking about the strategy where you cry at a toddler who won't stop crying and they stop? Hats my best guess...
  26. All the while, I'm cutting the plastic loops that Duckling is caught in
  27. Duckling is freed!!!
  28. She seems startled.
    So am I. So is everyone else seeing this episode. Sorry families and children.
  29. And he hops and swims right over to his brothers and sisters. Like nothing ever happened
  30. ☺️☺️
  31. Static