Relatable Situations As Told By The Always Sunny Gang (Gifs)

Say it with Dennis, Dee, Mac, Frank and Charlie
  1. When Your Crush Says They Like an Athlete
    Wrestling counts, right?
  2. When Your Boss Lectures You About Being Late
    It was traffic I swear
  3. When Your Facebook Friends Won't Stop Posting About Their Kids
    We get it, they're "perfect"
  4. When You Fart in Public But Hope No One Heard You
    Crop dusting is a serious concern these days
  5. When Someone's Snapchatting At the Club
    Don't Be that guy
  6. When Your Summer Body Isn't Ready But You Own It Anyway
    My diet starts tomorrow.....
  7. When You Ask Your Friends If These Pants Make Your Butt Look Big
  8. When You're Jealous of Your Friend But You Have To Pretend to Be Happy for Them
  9. When Your Best Friend Keeps Going Back To Their Ex
  10. When You Come Home And Your Mom Accuses You of Being High
    And you usually are