Requested by @nathanveshecco
  1. Farm Animals in A Minor
    Feat. guest vocals by my son yelling "quack quack quack!" no matter what animal I'm singing about.
  2. Who Left the Ring (on the coffee table again)
  3. Subaru
    To the tune of Ace Hood's "Bugatti"
  4. Black Dog Hair
  5. Rooster's Lament
  6. Jim's Diner
  7. Set Fire to the Couch
    What I want to say to people trying to make a dilapidated old sofa work (I do home styling)
  8. 99 Problems (and they all seem very real due to crippling anxiety)
  9. Do Dee Do Dee Dee Dee Deee
    This is just me singing the lyric-less theme song from The Office a cappella.
  10. Beers Tonight
    The sole country bluegrass track.