Inspired by @bredee
  1. January
    My boy
  2. February
    Por favor no
  3. March
    Re: hostess blueberry fruit pies I JUST WANT ANSWERS
  4. April
    Powerpuff Girls
  5. May
    All of my door decs before I took them down
  6. June
    Holy Trinity of YouTube (Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart) panel at VidCon. (@Juan23 waited 3 hours to get these 2nd row seats for the two of us. Bless him.)
  7. July
    New family member
  8. August
    Warped Tour w/ @BrandiLindley
  9. September
    Taking a photo of me w/ my business card to get class credit for attending this club meeting
  10. October
    Me and some friends at @Juan23's senior art show
  11. November
    Side-stage at a Kevin Devine concert
  12. December
    🎶As we go on we remember🎶