2017 Valentines

Inspired by @smirthnut & @lame
  1. Always and forever
  2. My main bb
  3. For being Galentine's Day wizards
  4. For being Secret Santa wizard (I WILL CONTINUE TO THANK YOU UNTIL THE END OF TIME, EMMA!)
  5. @Lisa_Fav for that virtual valentine yesterday
  6. @cinderstina for her amazing Galentine's list to me!
  7. Icy hot
  8. Advil
  9. My blanket
  10. 30 Rock
  11. Friday night Sarah
    You da real MVP
  12. Debbie from Shameless
    God bless ya girl
  13. Old Destiny's Child performances on YouTube
  14. Baby Mila Kunis
    New favorite reaction photo
  15. Big Pete
  16. Halls cough drops
    Your pep talks keep me young
  17. Keebler cheese & crackers
    Real cheddar cheese my ass but I love you just the same
  18. All of you on this app!
    I love you. You know. ❤️