8123 Fest: 10 Years of The Maine

Vocally requested by @GramsMadison
  1. This past Saturday was the 10 year anniversary of my favorite band being a band.
  2. The Maine started out as a sort of power pop band touring with bands like Boys Like Girls and wearing matching outfits...
    So young. So innocent.
  3. And grew into an alternative pop/rock band that...still wear matching outfits sometimes.
  4. They're one of the only bands from the 2007 power pop scene to break out of the genre and create music that matured with their audience.
    Listen to their albums Pioneer, Forever Halloween, & American Candy and compare it to their older albums and you'll be shocked they're the same band.
  5. They started their own record label/artist collective after being told by Warner Bros. Records that the label "doesn't make this kind of music" when they heard the band's demos that had a more mature sound.
    And they added a bunch of their friends to the label to be a part of the 8123 family!
  6. To celebrate their 10 year anniversary of being a band, they put on a festival in Downtown Phoenix where a bunch of other 8123 bands performed. Including...
  7. Brighten
    Didn't get a good pic of them so here's one from some random person's Instagram.
  8. Beach Weather
    Did my best with this photo I AM SORRY
  9. The Technicolors
    Don't sleep on this band! Go listen to them (and all the other bands on this list) ASAP!
  10. A Rocket to the Moon
    Their first show in 4 years! I miss them.
  11. This Century
    They broke up a few years ago, so it was nice to hear them play again, even if it was just acoustic.
  12. And of course, The Maine!
    This ended up being my 10th time seeing them live, so it felt fitting that it was their 10 year anniversary.
  13. Here are some more, SUPER professional-grade photos my friends and I took at the fest:
  14. I went with my friends/residents I mentored last year
    The Maine (and other 8123 bands) was a huge reason I bonded with them.
  15. Grayce and I in our natural states.
  16. Me apparently teaching Lia an acting exercise.
  17. Signing The Maine's van
    I would like it to be known that my friend is NOT writing "fuck on," but is writing underneath it.
  18. Me, camera ready as always.
  19. Resting before The Maine takes the stage
  20. Ran into the guitarist from another band I love, Real Friends!
    On the left: boy from Chicago who is comfortable in 50 degree weather. On the right, girl who from Arizona who was freezing all night and had to wear mittens.
  21. Blew a bunch of money on shirts but it was WORTH IT
    You only see your favorite band turn 10 once!
  22. 😍
    Feat. My Kermit pillow
  23. Overall, I was cold but I had a great time and am very grateful for The Maine and the community they've created under 8123.
    I always feel grateful to live in AZ when I get to go to amazing hometown shows like this one.
  24. It's been nice to watch them grow and accomplish so much on their own over the years.
    Boyz 2 Men
  25. Here's to 10 more years! 🎉