A Few Objects That Bring Me Joy

Thank you for the request, @solena! I was finally able to think about this list as I cleaned my room today.
  1. This Kongos guitar pick
    I caught (and by caught I mean it was thrown to some girls in front of me, they couldn't find it on the floor, so I grabbed it when they gave up looking for it) at a festival where Kongos played. I had always wanted to catch a guitar pick at a show, and always feel proud when I look at it (even though I didn't *actually* catch it).
  2. This pillow that used to hang in my grandparents' house
    When our family was choosing things from the house to keep, I chose this. Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly? Yes it's corny but I'm aware of it and still like it?) nobody wanted it and I took it!
  3. This photo of me, Grace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart.
    ⚡️TOTAL BABES⚡️ From when I met them at their live comedy show a couple years ago.
  4. Eat Sh*t pillow
    Gifted to me by my old boss/current friend who shares a love of Grace Helbig with me (Eat shit is kind of her motto).
  5. Grace Helbig ornament
    Gifted to be by my friend Anna, who also knows I love Grace a lot.
  6. My buttons
    I just like looking at them and remembering where/when I got them.
  7. This painting
    Gifted to me by @BrandiLindley, who knows my favorite shows and how much I want to work in TV.
  8. This Almost Famous quote
    Gifted to me by my friend Lisa.
  9. This polaroid of me and my dad
  10. My OMWF CD
    Signed by Amber Benson, Alyson Hannigan, Emma Caufield, and James Marsters.
  11. My enamel pin board(s)
  12. This drumhead signed by The Maine
    I got this at my first The Maine show I ever went to. A venue worker handed it to me for wearing a Maine shirt (most kids were wearing the headlining band's shirts).
  13. This Kermit lunchbox
    Gifted to me for my birthday a couple weeks ago by @BrandiLindley!