A Movie That Reminds Me Of Each Half-Decade I've Been Alive

Thank you for the request @Boogie! After making this I realized how young I am.
  1. 1-5 years old
    Tied with Toy Story & The Parent Trap, but I'm choosing this one because it got me into the Star Wars saga, made me excited for the prequels (hey, I was a kid), and made me want to work in the film/TV industry.
  2. 5-10 years old
    Basically any/all Disney Channel Movies made before 2005. I can't think of any theatrical ones to put here (maybe Harry Potter?) so this will have to do!
  3. 10-15 years old
    The movie that got me into indie movies. This was also the first movie I saw in theaters without my parents.
  4. 15-20 years old
    I watched this sooooo much in high school (along with Clueless, Can't Hardly Wait, & every other 90s teen comedy) and it still never gets old!
  5. 20-present
    I am very early into this half decade but I'm gonna pick Room for now because it's the first movie in a while that made me love movies again. And because, ya know, BRIE! 😍😍😍