Allison from Hocus Pocus Appreciation List

All hail the Halloween queen!
  1. She defends Halloween to the death
  3. She has perfect hair
  4. She knows how to make an exit
    Sidenote: when I first saw this as a kid I thought she was evil because she had a hood like the witches did.
  5. She can pull off an old-fashioned dress
  6. She has all the cool and spooky details about the Sanderson sisters
  7. She stays with Max and Dani when she easily could have just gone back home
  8. She still likes Max even though he lit the candle and everything is kind of his fault...
  9. She's smooth as all hell
  10. She's resourceful
  11. Really though, I would not put up with this shit if I were her
  12. But she stayed and helped think of ways to stop the witches
  13. Props to Allison for standing by the Dennisons in their time of need
  14. I think we can all aspire to be a little like her