Books I Read As a Child That I Still Think About

Inspired by @wilsonsh6
  1. Sideways Stories from Wayside School
    From the writer of Holes. This book used to be HILARIOUS to me.
  2. Hatchet
    We had to read this in 5th grade and I don't remember a thing about it except that I always thought this boy on the cover looked like my friend Cory.
  3. Skinnybones
    I liked this book so much that I asked my 4th grade teacher if it could be the next book she reads for the class and she said yes 😎
  4. A Series of Unfortunate Events
    In 5th grade my friend Mason and I had a competition to see who could finish the series first but the joke was on him because I was weird and read The Carnivorous Carnival first and was ahead of the game. 😏
  5. Go Ask Alice
  6. Holes
    Except I had the movie edition cover cause I'm garbage.
  7. A Taste of Blackberries
    I don't want to spoil anything but this one gets sad!!!
  8. The Chasing Yesterday Series
    It's about a girl searching for her mother and trying to remember who she is (she goes by J.D. for Jane Doe - she don't even know her own name!). I always thought these would be good for a movie or tv show so if anyone wants to produce this, hit me up.
  9. The Chalk Box Kid
    Honestly only remember the cover but I think about it a lot.
  10. Magic Tree House
    They're making a movie of these but it will never live up to any of our expectations so GOOD LUCK, HOLLYWOOD.