Characters From The O.C., Ranked

Thank you for the request @veshecco, I should have seen it coming.
  1. 27.
    Kevin Volchok
    S C U M
  2. 26.
    Oliver Trask
    The actual worst
  3. 25.
    Trey Atwood
    Mmmmm whatcha saaaaayyyyyy
  4. 24.
    Holly Fischer
  5. 23.
    Barely even a character. Just a "hot hot yard guy in the yard, who was hot," according to Summer.
  6. 22.
    Johnny Harper
    You're what made the show go downhill
  7. 21.
    Caleb Nichol
    Your eyes always reminded me of a shark idk why though
  8. 20.
    Frank Atwood
    Didn't really get to know him well enough to rank him any higher
  9. 19.
    Gordon Bullit
    Nice guy but annoying as all hell
  10. 18.
    Che Cook
    A bit much
  11. 17.
    Theresa Diaz
    You were alright I guess
  12. 16.
    Alex Kelly
    Clearly just a character designed to boost ratings and have Marissa kiss a girl but I didn't hate her
  13. 15.
    Lindsay Gardner
    SO NICE but girl, you weren't edgy enough for this show
  14. 14.
    Zach Stevens
  15. 13.
    Jimmy Cooper
    I honestly have no words. I can't remember any of your storylines except when you needed to borrow money from The Cohens and kissed a married woman so...
  16. 12.
    Julie Cooper
    Evil but also amazing. Also, you taught me what a booty call was back in 3rd grade/season 1 so thanks for that I guess?
  17. 11.
    Kirsten Cohen
    A little boring to me but also married Sandy and gave birth to Seth so that helps your ranking a little bit.
  18. 10.
    Hailey Nichol
    Wish we saw more of her
  19. 9.
    Luke Ward
    Started out awful, then got hilarious, then left too soon 😑
  20. 8.
    Taylor Townsend
    Unpopular opinion but Taylor wasn't THAT bad, and was actually really fun to watch.
  21. 7.
    Kaitlin Cooper
    All Kaitlin ever did was fuck shit up but damn she was entertaining to watch
  22. 6.
    Anna Stern
    2 cool 4 these California kidz
  23. 5.
    Marissa Cooper
    Problematic? You betcha. Do I still love her? Of course.
  24. 4.
    Ryan Atwood
    *broods and then saves Marissa from whatever trouble she's in* LOVE YOU, CHINO!
  25. 3.
    Sandy Cohen
  26. 2.
    Seth Cohen
    I mean, he invented a holiday...
  27. 1.
    Summer Roberts
    Had the best character arc on the show and (along with Seth) had all the best lines.