Fictional Camps, Ranked

  1. 15.
    Camp Crystal Lake - Friday The 13th
    Umm no thank you I'd have nightmares every night if I stayed here.
  2. 14.
    Kamp Krusty - The Simpsons
    Too krusty for my taste
  3. 13.
    Camp North Star - Meatballs
    Actually pretty sexist
  4. 12.
    Camp Rock - Camp Rock
    Too cliquey and too many different "jams." Opening Jam, Pajama Jam, Strawberry Jam, Final Jam I GET IT ALRIGHT.
  5. 11.
    Camp Chippewa - Addams Family Values
    Too peppy
  6. 10.
    Tall Oaks Band Camp - American Pie 2
    This one time...
  7. 9.
    Kamp Kikakee - Ernest Goes To Camp
    Never seen it but i'm gonna go with my gut and rank it here.
  8. 8.
    Camp Ivanhoe - Moonrise Kingdom
    Very cool aesthetic but also super intimidating if you don't have any camping/survival skills.
  9. 7.
    Camp Takota - Camp Takota
    I'd attend any camp run by these gals.
  10. 6.
    Camp Little Otter - Camp
    Lol I think I'm the only one that watched this show (which is why it got cancelled after 1 season) but the camp was super nice.
  11. 5.
    Camp Nowhere - Camp Nowhere
    No parents allowed. 90s fashion sense required.
  12. 4.
    Camp Walden - The Parent Trap
    An all girls camp? Yes please! Sorry Lindsay Lohan's little brother, ya gotta go!
  13. 3.
    Camp Anawanna - Salute Your Shorts
    🎶We hold you in our hearts🎶
  14. 2.
    Camp Hope - Heavyweights
    It had THE BLOB. And go karts. It's all fun & games until Ben Stiller comes and ruins everything.
  15. 1.
    Camp Firewood - Wet Hot American Summer
    Amy Poehler. Need I say more?