Inspired by those guessing games @Nicholas makes us play all the time.
  1. Everyone asks where the doctor is, and a man obsesses over numbers.
  2. Dawson's Creek but with basketball
  3. ______________
  4. Man performs longest monologue ever for his children
  5. Teenage film fanatic whines when he doesn't get his way
  6. Young boy seeks advice from neighbor
  7. Brooding teen gets in fights with rich kids wearing pooka shells
  8. Misfit teens hang out in library a lot
  9. Daydreaming doctor
  10. Ex-couple live together in New York
  11. Passionate woman and apathetic mustached-man disagree at work
  12. "Picture it! Sicily..."
  13. Quirky girl argues with roommates
  14. Teenager freezes time with no logical explanation