Lizzie McGuire GIFs For Your Everyday Life

  1. When you wanna tell everyone that you successfully used the self-checkout machine at the store.
  2. When you're wondering who your favorite celeb's best friend is/why it isn't you.
  3. When you need to subtly tell a friend that you need more ~support~ from them.
  4. When you want to leave the group chat.
  5. When your parents won't stop texting you asking about your life.
  6. When you've had it up to *HERE* with waiting for your friend to arrive at the restaurant.
  7. When your friend texts you saying they're obsessed with the show you told them to watch.
  8. When your friend asks you to go to their improv comedy show for moral support.
  9. When someone accuses you of cultural appropriation on Cinco De Mayo.
  10. When someone you hate texts you "Happy Birthday!"
  11. When you just wanna end the convo.
  12. When your friends tease you about your ridiculous celebrity crush.
  13. When you need to be straightforward with people.
  14. When someone says they "haven't seen you in a while!"
  15. When you want to rekindle a friendship.
  16. When you're telling a friend you've arrived at Target & will meet them at the entrance.
  17. When your friend says they can't help you move this weekend.
  18. When someone in the group chat says "so what's new with Trump this week lol"
  19. When you need to text me & put me in my place.