Because you and I both know I'll probably never do any of these things.
  1. Read more
    And finish all the books on your shelf before you buy any new ones!
  2. Start my podcast with @Juan23
    I just bought some microphones yesterday so I AM ALL IN FOR THIS ONE BABY
  3. FaceTime/Skype with friends more
    And hangout with them more in general for those not too far away
  4. Watch those movies you own but have never seen
    Orange County, Celeste & Jesse Forever, Breakfast At Tiffany's (yes I am garbage for not seeing this yet), etc.
  5. Find a job soon-ish
  6. Drive more
  7. Play guitar more
  8. Save money
    You don't need EVERY enamel pin you like, Sarah. Come on.
  9. Stop over analyzing things
    Movies, life, etc.
  10. Learn to cook*
    *Things that are not pasta
  11. Write more
    Scripts, journals, essays, lists, whatever!
  12. Stop being so hard on myself
    But still discipline myself a healthy amount