Brought to you by: Nostalgia
  1. My old Yu-Gi-Oh inspired artwork
    Was I even trying to draw those cards accurately?
  2. My Digimon, Pokemon, & Yu-Gi-Oh decks.
    Anybody want to duel?
  3. My first video camera.
    Records in stunning 6 megapixels!
  4. This old Polaroid camera
    I didn't even know I had this. Can I still get film for it?
  5. These rocks and this pin
    Why is that Ace of Diamonds so tiny?
  6. This Otter Pops Hot Wheels truck
    I have like 6 more of these somewhere...
  7. This American Chopper bike
    I used to be really into the show American Chopper. Hope that whole family is doing alright. Especially you, Junior! You were my favorite.
  8. This Land Before Time bobblehead
    I wish I had a whole set of these.
  9. Two Pokemon folders with even more cards in them
    Red was mine, Gold was my brother's.
  10. Not 1, but 2 OC games
    I've never even played the board game one.
  11. And finally, this old binder
    I don't know why there are seals floating in space, but dammit, I love this binder.