Inspired by everyone
  1. Number of times I rolled my eyes
  2. Number of times I looked over at an invisible camera a la Jim Halpert
  3. Number of times I've randomly brought up Hilary Duff in conversation
  4. Number of times I avoided death
  5. Number of times I watched the entire series of Friends
  6. Total amount of commercials watched
  7. Total amount of time I saved by fast forwarding the VHS only to fast forward it too far and having to rewind only to rewind it to far and ultimately give up and just let the tape play
  8. Number of years I added to my life by not smoking or drinking
  9. Number of sandwiches consumed
  10. Number of granola bars consumed
  11. Number of times the Kenan & Kel theme song has popped into my head
  12. Number of times I watched The Parent Trap