There were a few:
  1. So much of this movie is real.
    Like...SO REAL.
  2. I knew Cameron Crowe had based the story on his real life, but JESUS SO MANY OF THE SCENES ARE DIRECTLY LIFTED FROM HIS LIFE.
  3. The opening credits!
    These are all of Cameron's old tour laminates, article notes, etc.
  4. The relationship between the sister & mother!
  5. The being younger than all of his classmates!
  6. The albums that William finds under the bed are a lot of the same albums Cameron's sister left for him when she left.
    And the bag the albums are in is the EXACT SAME bag from this real life moment. His mom kept the bag!!!
  7. The meeting of Lester Bangs!
    He went and filmed it on the EXACT SAME STREET as where he talked with Lester in real life.
  8. That Penny Lane was based off of real groupie Pennie Trumbull.
    And was partly influenced by other women he met on the road, like Bebe Buell!
  9. This is Peter Frampton
    I've only seen him with long hair or white hair so this blew my mind. I knew he helped out with the music for the movie but didn't know he acted in it!
  10. We get a little more of Penny's character
    We get a little more of a few characters thanks to some extra scenes, but I especially enjoyed seeing the deleted scene of Russell & Penny talking while getting ice at the hotel party. It makes more sense as to why Penny would still want to be with Russell after he seems to mistreat her in plain sight. I really appreciated it!
  11. Bottom line, Cameron Crowe put so much of himself into this film, and did so much research for it to get everything just right.
    And that's a huge reason as to why the movie feels so authentic.
  12. Anyways, I'll end this list with a photo of a quote from the movie that my friend wrote out for me:
  13. Oh, and thanks again to @veshecco for sending me his extra copy of the Director's Cut DVD!