1. That riot scene in Bruce Almighty
  2. The hazing scene in She's The Man
  3. When multiple Katey Sagals laugh simultaneously in Smart House
  4. When Free Willy swims to the glass and scares the kid
  5. In Hardball when that kid is having an asthma attack and hears gun shots as he's trying to get home at night
  6. When the kid's trying to escape the puppet train car in Polar Express
    Suggested by @joemurphy
  7. An older one, but so much of Return to Oz is terrifying, especially the scene where Dorothy has to steal that magic powder stuff and wakes up a headless Mombi and all of her heads in the display cases.
    Seriously, how is this a children's movie?
    Suggested by @twigvicious
  8. This scene in Willy Wonka
    Suggested by @becktacular
  9. Large Marge in Pee Wee's Big Adventure
    Suggested by @derek_g