I saw The Killers live last night and it was magical but now today is mundane and useless and a pathetic excuse for a day because it can never live up to yesterday.
  1. Replaying the concert in my head
  2. Listening to the band all day
  3. Overthinking the existence and significance of the letter K
    Does the band have more than one large k? What if one breaks?
  4. Watching other live performances on YouTube
    Pretty much the entire Live from Royal Albert Hall DVD
  5. Remembering how let down I felt when their set came to an end.
    Giphy downsized medium
    Why couldn't they have played Bones and Jenny Was a Friend of Mine?
  6. Getting over the fact that they didn't play those songs and continuing to jam out to them.
  7. Waiting for them to announce a new album or tour or both.