Stuff I've Been Into Lately: July 2017

Normally I do these two months at a time but this month had so much good music I decided to give July it's own list.
  1. Future Friends part one EP - Superfruit
  2. Smile, and Wave - SAINTE
  3. Hug of Thunder - Broken Social Scene
  4. Something To Tell You - HAIM
  5. Metaphysical - The Technicolors
  6. The Big Sick
  7. Ratboys on Audiotree Live
  8. Julien Baker
  9. The Cosby Show
    Doing a rewatch on Amazon Prime.
  10. Sarah Ramos's Instagram
    She has so many photos of her as a kid with celebrities and I don't know how she got them but they're incredible.
  11. The Disaster Artist audiobook
    Chose the audiobook over the regular book just to hear Greg's Tommy Wiseau impression. Worth it.
  12. What Do You Think About The Car? - Declan McKenna
  13. Dope
    It's been sitting on my Netflix list for like a year and I FINALLY watched it. It's leaving Netflix on Aug. 10th if you haven't seen it yet!