Stuff I've Been Into Lately: Nov.-Dec. 2016

  1. Busy Philipps's Instagram stories
    I just find her voice really soothing and her Instagram stories really relax me.
  2. Vlogumentary
    Documentary about YouTube creators. Only available on YouTube Red right now but watch it if it comes to Netflix and you're interested in the world of YouTube.
  3. ASMR videos
    I didn't really get ASMR at first (never experienced the tingles), but suddenly they've been really relaxing to me. I've only watched one ASMR person on YouTube (ASMR Darling) so far but her videos help me fall asleep at night.
  4. Meghan Tonjes on YouTube
    I'm very here for her unfiltered opinions on news/pop culture.
  5. LOST
    I watched the first couple of seasons back when they aired but I was 8 and don't remember much, so I've been rewatching.
  6. Leah Remini's Scientology show on A&E
  7. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
    Late night queen
  8. Harkins Camelview
    This movie theater in Scottsdale is suuuuuuper nice (you can get gelato, cheese plates, and more at the concession stand). A couple times a year my friend and I come here to treat ourselves to a fancy day and a couple of movies. I wish I could afford to see every movie here.
  9. Patches on shirts
    I've been buying so many patches and sewing them on shirts. I just bought 10+ patches that will be here soon SOS I NEED HELP.
  10. Elizabeth Mitchell
    I watched The Santa Clause 2 the other day and realized I really like her even though I've only seen her in that and LOST. I'd like to see more of her please @ Hollywood.