The 10 Best DCOM Moms

In honor of Mother's Day! In no particular order.
  1. Geneva Carson - Motorcrossed
    Supported her daughter's motocross dream from the start and cheered her on at every race!
  2. Judy Marshall - Up, Up, and Away
    All moms are superheroes, but Judy was an ACTUAL superhero. Warrior Woman!
  3. Susan Aarons - Stuck In The Suburbs
    Dealt with her daughter's obsession with a pop singer and worked hard to save that neighborhood house!
  4. Roscoe Dellums - The Color of Friendship
    She took in Mahree and cared for her like she was her own child.
  5. Mary Burge - Double Teamed
    The Burge twins' father was overwhelmingly obsessed with getting them to play sports, but their mom loved them no matter what.
  6. Janet Enders - Right On Track
    Another case of the mom loving the daughters while the dad only talks about sports & winning.
  7. Sarah Ogden - Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off
    She didn't care that Eddie wanted to be a chef! Duh! Because a parent shouldn't care about that (looking at you, Eddie's dad).
  8. Connie Torres - Camp Rock
    Took a job at a camp just so her daughter could go there and be happy! I also just want to mention that this actress was also a great mom in Wizards of Waverly Place.
  9. Gwen Cromwell - Halloweentown
    She didn't let Marnie get involved with magic at first, but later decided that her daughter should become a badass witch just like her (and her grandmother, of course!).
  10. Trudy Proud - The Proud Family Movie
    An ICON. How she puts up with Oscar's antics while also caring for a teenager and two babies, I'll never know.