Inspired by @victoriaedel
  1. My new job
    I started a week ago, but i'm excited to keep learning and get comfortable. I'm only able to work until i graduate in December (on campus student job rules), but my boss is basically treating it as a way for me to learn more programs (film production/editing/web streaming) for my resume while getting paid for it!
  2. Emmys
    On Sunday! One of my favorite days of the year! I can't wait!
  3. Brooklyn Nine Nine
    New season starts next week, y'all!
  4. All of the new shows i'll watch/get into
    Need to finish American Crime Story, watch Fargo s2, Master of None, iZombie, and a bunch of others i'm excited to watch!
  5. Dirty 30
    Three of my favorite people/YouTubers made another movie and it looks great! There's going to be a bunch of pre-screenings in theaters across the US, including one in my city!
  6. Other People
    I really want to see this new Molly Shannon movie, written and directed by Chris Kelly. I'm hoping it comes to a theater closer to me soon, but if I can't wait anymore I'll buy it on iTunes.
  7. Halloween
    Or just the whole month of October so I can watch Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown and The Addams Family movies every day (without seeming weird) and wear my Halloween socks all the time.
  8. Hannah Hart's book
    I love Hannah and her views on life. I can't wait to read about what she learned as she was growing up, and the great advice she'll no doubt include in the book as well.
  9. Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest
    A mini comicon in October. Last year was my first fan fest and it was really fun, and this year's is supposed to be even better.
  10. Going to my friend's art show
    My friend @Juan23 is having his senior show in October and I can't wait to see all his work but also eat all of the free cheese and crackers that they'll have there.
  11. Sum 41
    @BrandiLindley and I are going to see them in November!
  12. Thanksgiving
    Mashed potatoes and ham all day.
  13. Graduating college
    F I N A L L Y
  14. Christmas
    Cookies and The Sound of Music and watching Home Alone 2 over and over.
  15. @Juan23 and I starting our podcast
    We just need more free time 😅 hopefully in December or January!