Hoping that if I put them all in a list i'll get them done but it's not likely 😅
  1. Week 1 & week 2 online marketing lectures
    "Wait shouldn't you only have one week of lectures this week?" CORRECT BUT I'M THE WORST AND DID NOTHING LAST WEEK!
  2. Film Musical online class article and powerpoint readings
    Also supposed to do them last week! I hate me too!
  3. Film Musical online class discussion posts
    These are super fun because you have to respond to like 5 people's post so if they don't do their post then you don't get any points! Not at all a flawed system!
  4. Work
    I have 2 studio shoots this week to work our video software for (one of those fancy switcher boards with blinking lights and such) which is nice because MONEY but also I have homework to do 😑
  5. Meet with my professor
    And tell him i'm sorry that my script for our individual instruction took so long but I was having trouble writing. Also I'll tell him "you'll have the portfolio next week!" WILL HE THOUGH? TIME WILL TELL.
  6. Writing portfolio
    The one I just mentioned. My senior project is working with my favorite professor and making a portfolio of my writing samples with a resume and concept paragraphs so I have examples of my work I can use to apply for TV internships/fellowships when I graduate. It shouldn't take too long but I totally forgot he wanted it by the 25th until today. 😓
  7. Prep for my 2nd Film Musicals exam
    My teacher's tests are so inconvenient and confusing someone help her understand how to make online tests 😭
  8. Another script for my portfolio
    The one I mentioned earlier (that took forever for me to email my teacher) was a spec script (your own episode of an already existing show - I chose Difficult People) and now I have to write a pilot of my own. I've done it before but I'm regretting writing the spec first because now I only have 2 weeks to write a solid first draft. 😩
  9. Write my Film Musicals paper
    6 pages on the the directors of The Wizard of Oz due on Nov. 8th. It's a good thing i'm doing a mail in ballot for the election because I'll be home crying over my paper. 😢
  10. Watch Halloween movies so I can feel spooky and stressed at the same time
  11. Maybe do all of those readings for my film musicals class because I bought the book and should get my money's worth.
    Probably not though.
  12. Breathe 🙃
  13. Eat 😖
  14. Sleep 😴
  15. Maybe get off li.st once in a while so I can get all this done.
    Definitely not though. 😉