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  1. "I'm not buying a bouquet for a second rate actor."
  2. "Is Julia Roberts actually a good actress? I can't tell anymore."
  3. "I started watching Unstoppable Amy Schumer."
    He of course meant Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  4. "I've been watching Like Mike clips. Like, I've literally been looking up clips from the movie."
  5. "That guy over there looks like Jim." "That is Jim." "Ohhhhhh."
  6. "If you're Obama's kids you can beet Meyonce."
    Obviously meant "meet Beyonce"
  7. "What's cool about me is if I get kidnapped and they duct tape me, and they don't turn on some AC, I'm so sweaty, I'll escape."
  8. "There must be something in my throat because I can't sustain the high notes that I usually can."
  9. "If you hate Neve Campbell, you're wrong."