Times I thought I couldn't love Brie Larson more, but then her Instagram proved me wrong

Ya gotta love her.
  1. When she freaked out over meeting the big mouse himself
    "Mickey is so chill with his mega fans."
  2. When she posted this embarrassing picture and OWNED IT
    "Embarrassing myself for a free world."
  3. When she recreated Say Anything
    "Showed Alex my new h&m short sleeve trench. He immediately put an iPad in my hands and directed it over my head. 💯"
  4. When she freaked out over meeting Benedict Cumberbatch
    "I also met DOCTOR STRANGE and he grabbed my hands and I laughed in disbelief."
  5. When she threw it back to Sleepover
    This film is truly a classic and I'm glad she acknowledged it on her instagram.
  6. When she threw it back to her guest role on The Ghost Whisperer
    "Proud to share a blurry screen cap taken from a wonderful person's tv from when I played a popular girl who has a deep love for bats and their habitats and is secretly (SPOILER) a lesbian on The Ghost Whisperer. Thank you life for all your gifts!!!"
  7. When she made fun of her old fashion sense
    "I know this is a lot to spring on you unexpectedly. Breathe, sit down and take in that I am wearing ACRYLICS."
  8. When she posted paparazzi photos just to point out the weird face she makes
    "The face of a person not used to being photographed by hidden weirds. I LOVE ME STILL. MAYBE EVEN MORE THAN BEFORE. 😱❤️😱❤️🌟😱🌟❤️😱"
  9. When she posted a picture of her in the Disney Channel Original Movie Right On Track to celebrate the DCOM marathon
    "#DCOM marathon vibes"
  10. When she was barefoot, eating pizza at SNL
  11. When she admitted she has no recollection of the film Good Boy! just like the rest of us
    "I don't remember the film "Good Boy" but I did attend the premiere in flip flops, camo capris and a Von Dutch hat - for that I am forever grateful."
  12. When she gave a shout out to her bangs
    "#tbt to when I awkwardly and gingerly held a bedazzled clock while forcing a smile on a red carpet (why did this happen?!). Shout out to my bangs for being so structurally sound. WOW."
  13. When she reminded us of the magic that Thanksgiving has brought us over the years
    "#tbt to when I sang on a BARBIE CASTLE FLOAT with a dancing Barbie and Ken during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Yes. Take it in. Yes."
  14. Again with the bangs
    "Bangs on fleek at the Big Fat Liar premiere. Thanks Mom!"
  15. When her crew was cooler than yours
    "My crew."
  16. When she seemed more excited about meeting R2 than about her Oscar
    "My hero"
  17. When she looked cool and collected meeting Leo but was secretly freaking out
    "WHAT IS LIFE 🙀"
  18. And was the same way with Cate Blanchett
  19. When she met the queen
    "Need I say anything?!! #telluridefilmfestival where dreams come true."
  20. When she dressed up as a guy with Jenny Lewis, Kristen Stewart, and Anne Hathaway (and totally pulled it off)
    "Best day of my life"
  21. When she had the only appropriate reaction to seeing Jabba the Hutt
    "I MEAN."
  22. And my personal favorite:
    "When the pizza kicks in."
  23. When she made friends in this long-ass voting line and ordered pizza
  24. When she apologized for this photo
  25. When she didn't give a single fuck about the haters
  26. When she read my mind and knew that I needed another old red carpet pic
    OMG is this for the premiere of Disney's Home on the Range?! What a throwback.
  27. When she was feeling the holiday spirit
  28. When she admitted to not knowing how to appear normal on a red carpet
    "Look at this fine example of a young human trying to appear normal #fail #tbt"
  29. When she was here for the chicks
  30. When she needed baby animals to get her through the tough days: