Only the relevant ones, because he had some random-ass tips to give on that show.
  1. Get a haircut 2 weeks before school starts so it can grow in.
    Excuse me but if I'm on Summer vacation I'm not giving up my TV time to go get a haircut.
  2. Clean out your backpack every week.
  3. Too much stress isn't healthy, so avoid too much stress.
  4. Be careful what you eat.
    I ate Taco Bell once a week for a whole semester.
  5. Copy your notes in a second notebook to lock the information in your head.
    NO 👏🏻 ONE 👏🏻 HAS 👏🏻 THAT 👏🏻 KIND 👏🏻 OF 👏🏻 TIME
  6. The library isn't just for checking out books. You can also make friends in the library.
  7. Never second guess. Your first answer is probably right.
    No I am always wrong I am scum let me question my entire existence and life choices while I take my test.
  8. Only text when you're NOT in class.
  9. Stay away from the back rows!
  10. Actually read the book.
  11. Try to make new friends your age and grade.
    My only friend my freshman year was like 4 years older than me.
  12. Make sure you have all your school supplies.
    I had to go buy a notebook on the first day of my last semester because I own 7 Scene It board games but not 1 notebook.
  13. Be smart with your money.
  14. Try to study before class.
    *frantically tries to memorize 30 marketing terms in 2 minutes*
  15. Make a list of homework and say when it's due so you don't forget, and to have a reminder.
    Pretty to look at, but not motivating enough.
  16. It's best to not daydream in class, as you could miss important things. Try your hardest not to.
    First (and only) day of my American Novels class I zoned out for 10 minutes and then realized I should probably drop the class.
  17. Don't be afraid to raise your hand.
    I did but my teachers rarely called on me, so...
  18. Talk about problems with your friends.
    Mmmmm I'm more of a "let things build up and internalize" person.
  19. Have fun, get to know your teachers better.
    Does it count if it was just one teacher? Not plural?
  20. Due dates are closer than they appear, be sure to do your projects/homework ON TIME!
    They got turned in on time, but at what cost?
  21. If you're home sick, email the teacher to find out what you missed.
    Only did this when I pretended to be sick because my homework wasn't done or I was too lazy to leave my dorm.
  22. Control jealousy, don't let it control you.
    When did Ned become a therapist?
  23. Take care of mood swings by eating breakfast.
    I'm more of a lunch person.
  24. Get a map of the school to chart the quickest path for different classes or occasions.
    Only freshman year. Otherwise you look silly.
  25. Take notes when the teacher is talking.
  26. Don't judge a teacher by their first day.
    Ugh but their voice while reading the syllabus is DREADFUL I know they're gonna be awful.
  27. If you fail, don't overreact.
    I wasn't dramatic about it, I just went numb inside and wanted to set myself on fire.
  28. IM'ing and web cams keep far away friends close.
    Did my best to do weekly FaceTimes with my friend but things get busy!
  29. Have fun at parties.
    Only went to one. Ate 3 tacos and left. Damn good tacos though!
  30. Try to be as positive as possible. It will put you, and people around you, in a much better mood.
    But it's hard 😪
  31. Try to do better than your last semester.
    This was going fine until senior year.
  32. Recharge your phone battery every night.
  33. Make Monday fun-day.
    Watched movies with my residents on Mondays a lot AKA took them away from their homework to hang out with me instead. I was a GREAT mentor, guys!
  34. Develop your social skills.
    Still developing.
  35. If you're good at it, take it.
    "OH IS THAT A CLASS ABOUT TV SHOWS?! I'LL TAKE IT," she said, for the fifth time in her college career.
  36. Grades are important but not the most important thing in life.
  37. Know what to say before you say it.
    Ooh i'm actually pretty good at this one...usually.
  38. Wear deodorant.
  39. Some clothes never go out of style: jeans, button shirts, t shirts, and Converse.
  40. Don't use your shirt as a napkin.