VidCon 2017 Photo Dump

Posting some Vidcon photos here on the off chance that anyone else here is interested in the con (Vidcon is an online video convention, mostly for fans of Youtube creators) or its guests, or if anyone just wants to see some pics that I'm in or that I took, or both!
  1. SourceFed Q&A
    Ava Gordy, Will Haynes, Steve Zaragoza, & Mike Falzone
  2. The Holy Trinity Q&A
    Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, & Hannah Hart AKA MY QUEENS
  3. Mitchell Davis interview
    Mitchell was one of the first people I started watching on YouTube back in '08 and he's still one of my favorite creators/artists!
  4. SourceFed meetup
    SourceFed was one of my favorite YouTube channels that recently got cancelled. All but 3 of the hosts came to meet everyone at Vidcon! Here are those pics:
  5. Candace Carrizales
    @Juan23 & I brought her socks from our airport because she likes our airport's socks. Candace is the best!
  6. Joe Bereta
    Such a nice manly man.
  7. Mike Falzone
    One of my favorite leel bois.
  8. Ian Dokie & Autumn Farrell
    Ian used to work at SF behind the scenes, and Autumn was one of the last editors there (and an amazing one at that!). I said I didn't want to be weird but wanted a picture and they got so excited! Everyone from SourceFed is amazing.
  9. Meg Turney
    Ex-SourceFed Nerd host, current cosplayer and kind human being.
  10. Sam Bashor
    Feat. his cool Hey Arnold shirt & winning smile
  11. Steven Suptic
    He's making some of the best videos on Youtube right now! Check him out.
  12. Ava Gordy
  13. Ava Gordy when @Juan23 said "gross" while taking this picture and we both thought he was talking about us, not the lighting.
    Ava is incredibly cool and nice and later told me that this was her favorite photo of her at Vidcon this year so good job on the photo, Juan!
  14. Reina Scully
    2 nice for me 2 handle !!!!
  15. Matt Lieberman
    Guinea pig dad & kind-hearted man
  16. Lee Newton
    It felt like I was meeting a comedy legend.
  17. Steve Zaragoza
    One of my favorite humans in the world! I ran into him earlier that day and he screamed "HEY! I remember you!" and here we are meeting again later that night, taking an updated photo for my Instagram profile pic.
  18. Filup Molina
    Love his hat & him for setting up this whole meet & greet.
  19. Will Haynes
    We talked about Tru Confessions & My Date with the President's Daughter.
  20. John Ros & Yessica Hernandez-Cruz
    They (and Will) have a great podcast called Earthling's Podcast! Listen to it if you like hearing friends talk about stuff!
  21. Elliott Morgan
    Feat. his new beard & embroidered jacket.
  22. Daren Vongirdner
    Used to work behind the scenes at SourceFed, currently making great music under the name DVG. Look him up!
  23. Juan & I in front of the play button
  24. Juan & I being fashion ICONS in front of the play button
  25. Hannah Hart
    We talked about Buffy before this photo was taken.
  26. Jim Chapman
    We talked about his dachshund Martha after this photo was taken.
  28. Tay Zonday (AKA the Chocolate Rain guy)
  29. One of the artists of this painting asked if he could take a picture of us on it
  30. Another nice dog I saw in line!
    Sorry for the person's legs though this looks artsy like The Graduate or something.
  31. Driftless Pony Club
    They gave me They Might Be Giants vibes 👌🏻
  32. The Gregory Brothers
    They played the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song (they wrote it!) and it was magical!
  33. Hank Green
    He hadn't played an acoustic set in years but he was still great! Hank is a goddamn DELIGHT!
  34. SourceFed (again)
    A few of the hosts did another meet and greet, so here we are doing a couple of poses:
  35. Alli Speed
    I've met Alli at all 3 Vidcons I've been to, but I got to talk with her like we were old friends this time. Me, her, & Juan talked about how annoyed we were with all of the screaming tweens there this year (there were more this year than usual). She's a goddess!
  36. Flula Borg Q&A
    He was hilarious as always.
  38. Some photos from the Stand Up Comedy Night: Andrew Delman
    Our host & Ikea-hating man! Love him.
  39. Joe Bereta
    He wasn't even supposed to come up and do a set but Delman asked him to and he improv-ed a funny story about shitting his pants. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  40. Will Haynes
    "All my friends are doing stand up tonight so I said I'd do it, too." - William Haynes, 2017
  41. Lee Newton
    I could listen to Lee read a phone book and she would make it hilarious.
  42. Mike Falzone
    I had seen so many of his performances online already, so it was nice to finally see him perform in-person!
  43. Elliott Morgan
    So funny and I wish he (and everyone else) had longer times, I could have watched them all perform for hours.
  44. Lastly here's some actual footage of me at the airport wishing I could chat with my favorite YouTube creators all week instead of going back to the Arizona heat.
    Btw that corgi was the best photo on this list and WE ALL KNOW IT!!