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  1. I'll probably decide at the end of the week whether these are ranked or just all equally significant or something because it is TOO MUCH for my brain to comprehend right now but I like this list countdown concept so HERE WE GO!
  2. 5. Freshman Year of College
    My whole freshman experience changed who I was because I didn't have any friends (my best friend was at a different university, and the few acquaintances I made in class lived off campus), went home every weekend, watched a lot of Buffy & YouTube, and was in general very sad. But it changed my life because I was much more appreciative of friends after that, and if I hadn't suffered through a year alone in the dorms, I wouldn't have gotten to work there a year later.
  3. 4. Becoming best friends with @BrandiLindley
    I'm writing this after just getting back from a concert where we saw the band we bonded over in 4th grade together live, so it seems fitting to write this one today! If Brandi & I hadn't become best friends with Brandi my life could have been very different!. I don't know the exact "moment" we became best friends but the fact that it was 13 years ago is incredible to me. I'm very thankful for her for putting up w/ me for so many years & helping me navigate the other turning points in my life.
  4. 3. Graduating College
    I graduated last December, and while it represented all of the work I'd done over the 3.5 years, to me it's just meant realizing I don't know what I'm doing (and that nobody else does either) and am not automatically an adult after getting a degree. It's been a few months of post-graduation, and while I'm applying to jobs and doing my best to work on projects, I'm focusing more on mental health, something I sort of did before, but I'm taking it more seriously now in this much needed break!
  5. 2. When I Realized I Wanted To Write For TV
    First of all, I wrote a more eloquent and in-depth version of this specific moment in a Rookie Magazine submission that you can read here if you'd like (it's the 3rd "people review" down!):
  6. But I will tell the story here as well! (Duh)
  7. Since I was a kid I wanted to be a film director. I had loved Star Wars since birth and wanted to be like George Lucas because when you look at something as big and iconic as Star Wars, you have George Lucas to thank for it. For whatever reason as a kid, I thought I looked up to George the director, but I actually looked up to George the writer.
    Because, ya know, the WRITER is the one who came up with the story. George the writer created the Star Wars universe. George the director talked to the actors and crew on set...
  8. Anyhoo, for years my plan was to be a film director. To go to film school, which I did, and to make movies, which I could, but don't want to as much now because what I really love is TV, not movies.
    Film school, or at least the one I went to, never really talks about TV. Every teacher I had freshman year would just say "TV is different" after explaining how a film is made, but would never fully explain why it's different. And some teachers even looked down upon it. YOU DUMMIES WE ARE IN THE PLATINUM AGE OF TELEVISION WAKE UP PROFESSOR!!!
  9. And then sophomore year I took a class called "Developing a TV Series," one of only a few TV classes taught in the film program, and 90% of those TV classes were taught by Professor Maday.
    At this point I had decided I wanted to be a screenwriter, because directors just talk to actors and I'm much more of a writer than a talker...
  10. Professor Maday made the class (around 20 people) get in a circle and then say what we love about TV, why we took the class,etc. I instantly thought of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a show that had recently become my favorite of all time after finishing it a year prior.
    I said that I loved how obsessed you can get with a show, it's universe, and characters, and connect to it in a way that you can't with movies. Because you get several hours with that universe per season, instead of 2 per movie.
  11. Professor Maday said that I liked the longevity that television has to offer, and I agreed. Then he said it sounded like I want to write for TV, not movies.
    MY MIND WAS BLOWN! HE WAS RIGHT! HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THAT UNTIL THEN??? (I'm using a Seinfeld gif her in honor of Prof. Maday because it's his favorite show)
  12. And that was the moment I realized I wanted to write for TV!
    It changed my whole plan. I took every class I could with Maday, or as I actually call him, Greg, because we're buds like that. He became my mentor, worked on scripts with me, helped me apply to things, and has been very supportive in me pursuing a career in TV writing. He once told me "I can actually see you as a comedy writer. You've got the talent. You're quiet but also witty like writers. It works." I hope I get there one day so I can prove him right!
  13. 1. Working in the dorms
    After a year of hating my time in the dorms, I applied to work there the summer before my sophomore year. I was interested in working there from my first floor meeting on move in day, when I met my CA (like an RA, we just called them CAs) and SAM (student academic mentor) on my floor. They were really nice and comforting, and really seemed to like their jobs.
  14. I had told my mom during the school year that I might want to apply, and she didn't want me to because then I'd be living alone and she didn't want that. But when I got an email in July saying they were still looking for SAMs to work in the dorms that school year, my mom finally let me apply.
    I went in for an interview with some guy named Christian, said the word "community" a lot, and went home thinking I had bombed the interview. I only went to one community event last year, none of the community directors knew who I was, and struggled to come up with good experiences i've had in the dorms. Why would I ever get this job?
  15. It was either later that day, or the next day that Christian called me and offered me the job. I immediately got scared that I couldn't handle it, and said that I couldn't move in until a couple weeks into training (this was true-I was expecting to move in mid-August, not Aug. 1st!) and that if another candidate they were considering
    could move in earlier then they should be given the job-it's only fair. But Christian knew that I was nervous and said "If this is a confidence thing, if you think you're not going to do well, you have the qualifications. You'll be fine." Bless his heart. I accepted the job and moved in. I went to training. I had anxiety about not being able to do a good job. I worked move in day. I helped freshman residents. I made friends. I made best friends.
  16. The point to all of this is, if I hadn't worked in the dorms, I wouldn't have realized how much I enjoy helping people. There's a chance I wouldn't have graduated when I did, because trying to deal with anxiety/depression with no friends for another school year could have prompted me to take a semester off. Maybe not. WHO KNOWS!
    I wouldn't have become better at talking to people. I'm not the best at it or anything, but the job definitely made me a little better at it, and a little less introverted in general.
  17. I wouldn't have met Lisa, who is now one of my best friends.
    I really don't know how we would have met if we didn't work together.
  18. I wouldn't have met @Juan23, who is now one of my best friends, and was my partner in crime in the dorms (not actual crimes just good clean fun!)
    This was when we found these pikachu pencil pouches in the supply closet. Juan & I were neighbors our freshman year but never talked until we started working together. Thank goodness we started talking because it led to pulling all nighters and watching movies and singing Hilary Duff together.
  19. And I wouldn't have met Christian! He was my favorite boss and I'm lucky enough to call him one of my closest friends now.
    He's in Missouri working a big boy job at another school (he was an intern when he was my boss, so proud of him) but I still see him when he comes back in town and we Google Hangout from time to time. I always amazes me the some random kid with braces who interviewed me in July became one of my good friends just a few months later. Life is weird!
  20. So yeah, even my mom agrees, I wouldn't be the person I am today without working in the dorms.
    And moms are rarely wrong. 😉
  21. Bonus: here is a photo of move in day - my first official day mentoring freshmen
    Those aren't gang signs, that's our school hand sign or something idk they use it at sport events which I rarely went to.
  22. Idk if you can tell or not but I was extremely nervous!
    But look! Juan & Lisa were already by my side (my friend Frankie is in between Juan & I but still) even though we weren't even friends yet!
  23. Giphy
  24. (Also I really enjoyed this countdown style list because it kept me coming back everyday to list without having to come up with a brand new idea each day. So bravo on this experiment @veshecco!)