Hi I've been dreaming about my elementary school a lot which probably means I want to be a little kid again!
  1. My friend Frankie making me & @Juan23 chew all the chocolate off of kit kat bars and lay out the wafers of the kit kats in a line for some cultural project he was doing.
    Honestly sounds like something he would do for a cultural art project. He could make it interesting and beautiful.
  2. At my elementary school. I walk downstairs and there's a car just chilling in the stairwell. I later learn the car belongs to my Aunt Kerry.
  3. Watching some random movie/show on a huge screen with the hosts of SourceFed.
    SourceFed was one of my favorite YouTube channels that got cancelled a few weeks ago. I am clearly not over the cancellation yet.
  4. Some dude trying to ask dumb questions at a Sarah Michelle Gellar Q&A and me having to jump in and defend her honor/tell him off.
  5. My mom forcing me to work at a Circle K (mostly mopping the floors), me not wanting to do it, and my parents crying about it.
    The cashier at the Circle K was Trisha Herberger, a host from SourceFed. I told her how much I miss the channel. 😢
  6. At HeadGum podcast studios (except it was my elementary school building?) recording podcasts with some SourceFed hosts.
    WOW I really miss SourceFed 😭😭😭
  7. Working in the dorms (which I haven't done since last year) but again it was my elementary school building and one of my favorite YouTubers Grace Helbig was working there too & @Juan23 wanted to prank her for her birthday.
    Later in the dream Juan broke his back and would only eat frostys from Wendy's while bedridden.
  8. At a family birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza where Pentatonix were performing for some reason. I hung out with two of the members, and one of them was wearing the new fashion trend of jeans clipped on top of another pair of pants with binder clips.
    BRB I'm gonna go start this jeans over pants trend.
  9. Eating some really good fettuccine alfredo with SourceFed host Ava Gordy, then going to farmers market shops and getting in trouble, then riding our bikes to run away from the evil farmers market man who was chasing us.
    Will SourceFed hosts EVER stop popping up in my dreams? Time will tell.
  10. Allison Williams and I are apartment neighbors and best friends and we have to move out of our apartments. We cried a bunch.
    Clearly I am subconsciously prepping for the Girls finale on Sunday.
  11. I took a snapchat video of Chad Michael Murray while watching a movie he was in and he popped out of the TV and yelled at me. He said "I'm not a part of your Sunday" among other things. Not sure what that meant because I don't think it was even a Sunday?
    Later I met Prince and we talked over slushies about random things including Screech from Saved By The Bell. So this dream wasn't all bad.
  12. I met Tina Fey & Amy Poehler at a concert. I danced with Amy and I made Tina laugh. We found out we were all invited to the same upcoming wedding and would see each other again there. THEN I WOKE UP AND NONE OF IT WAS REAL 😭😭😭.
    Also at some point I think I convinced Tina to start an Instagram?